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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn With Our Baking Chocolate

Based in Auckland, we distribute our high-quality baking chocolate (Compound and Couverture Chocolate) across New Zealand. We are a gluten-free baking chocolate supplier. Our chocolates are made in a factory that does not process tree nuts, sesame seeds, peanuts, or gluten ingredients. And our baking chocolates are Kosher Certified Chocolate and Halal Certified Chocolate.

We are a chocolate supplier for bakeries, restaurants, caterers, confectionery, hotels, cafes, donuts, ice cream, and cake shops in New Zealand. Our Couverture Chocolate Wholesale and Compound Chocolate Wholesale ranges are:


Dark Chocolates
Whether you are looking for dark baking chocolate wholesale or dark cooking chocolate supplier we have you covered. Our Dark Couverture Chocolate Online ranges are EMBASSY Continental (75%; full-bodied dark chocolate taste) and EMBASSY Equatorial (56%; Elegant dark couverture chocolate full of class and bittersweet balance). We also have dark Compound Chocolate Coins with 14% of cocoa powder which is one of the highest in the market.

White Chocolates
Our white compound chocolate is one of Tulip's best-selling products. It has a sleek finish and can be combined with quality food colouring for a colourful, eye-catching finish, a milky aroma, and a rich taste that is very memorable. And our couverture white chocolate has the right balance of vanilla, milk, and sweetness with a creamy mouthfeel. You can buy baking chocolate in bulk with confidence.

Milk Chocolates
Our Milk Chocolate Couverture has the perfect balance of sweet & milk chocolate taste profiles. Try us and you will like us. Buy our bulk baking chocolate with confidence. As a wholesale cooking chocolate supplier, you can buy our baking chocolate in bulk online by the carton (10kg) through this website, by pallet, or by reefer container.

You can only feel good sharing your chocolate food when you know where your cacao comes from and how it is made. You can feel confident about your chocolate creations using our baking chocolates.

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Appreciating Our Cooking  Chocolate 




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Appreciating Our Baking  Chocolate 




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Create yours using our baking chocolate with confidence

Our baking chocolate is for everyone

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Kosher and Halal Certified baking chocolate.

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