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A flagship product with a full-bodied dark chocolate taste!!!


Embassy Continental Blend Dark Chocolate Couverture 75% has an opulent and fragrant full-bodied dark chocolate taste. It has strong bittersweet undertones and a long-lasting taste with a bright floral flavor and nutty notes.


Suitable for:

Enrobing, Molding, Ganache, Mousse, Pastry Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Cakes/Muffins/Brownies, Bread, Cookies


Cocoa Minimum: 75%

Fat Content: 45%

Shapes: Coins/Buttons.

EMBASSY Continental Blend Dark Couverture Chocolate 75% (4 x 2.5kg)

1 Kilogram
Excluding GST |
  • Embassy and Tulip chocolates are made in a factory that does not process tree nuts, sesame seeds, peanuts, or gluten ingredients.


    Embassy and Tulip Chocolate do not contain trans fat or partially hydrogenated oils.

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